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Exceptional legal representation from an advocate that will always be on your side.

"I strive to offer exceptional legal representation at affordable rates to help those who believe an attorney is out of reach.  I relentlessly fight to protect the rights of the accused, or the every-day father, or mother dealing with family issues before our courts." 

- Juan Leonel Alvarez, Esq.

Family Law Attorney, DUI Attorney, Criminal Attorney, Child Custody, Family Law, DUI
​​Juan Leonel Alvarez, Esq.

Attorney Juan Leonel Alvarez is a fierce advocate with your best interest in mind.  Upon graduating from law school and passing the California Bar Exam, Mr. Alvarez decided to start his own law firm with the sole purpose of helping people in need.  A strong believer in helping his community, Mr. Alvarez decided to focus his practice on Criminal and Family law matters, two of the most relevant and busy sectors of the law within socio-economically disadvantaged communities throughout Southern California.


Attorney Alvarez beleives that everybody deserves representation, and has dedicated his practice to ensuring that he is offering the best legal representation for his clients, regardless of their econmic standing.  Having been raised in a Mexican-immigrant household, Attorney Alvarez understands first-hand the struggle that many folks experience attempting to establish themselves in this country.  This is why Attorney Alvarez does not shy away from taking on clients who often have less, and who cannot afford the costs of high-priced legal representation.  Mr. Alvarez offers flexible payment options for many of his cleints, because he understands the needs of the community he serves.



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